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Lessons :

Why a new course?
Pourquoi un nouveau cours ?
¿Por qué un nuevo curso?

  1. Going to America
  2. Finding a place
  3. The flat
  4. progress  Buying food

  5. Making a cake
  6. Tom and Suzie
  7. At the bank
  8. A tour of San Francisco
  9. An evening at home
  10. Dinner at Margaret's

  11. The university
  12. Around campus
  13. History of Stanford University
  14. Margaret's family
  15. An argument
  16. Meeting Robert
  17. Meeting Joe
  18. Learning English
  19. Conversation with Joe
  20. The department

  21. An English contest
  22. Math class
  23. Other friends
  24. The libraries
  25. The cafeteria
  26. Readings
  27. At the post office
  28. Life at home
  29. Progress in English
  30. The master's diploma

  31. Toward the PhD
  32. Being homesick
  33. Santa Cruz
  34. Outing to Yosemite
  35. Thanksgiving at Tom and Suzie's
  36. Summer job in France
  37. Buying a car
  38. A new place
  39. A party on Willow Road
  40. Christmas at Lake Tahoe

  41. Some teachers
  42. Getting the doctorate
  43. MIT math departement
  44. Crossing the US by car
  45. Niagara Falls
  46. Teaching
  47. New horizons
  48. Consulting
  49. Providence
  50. Louiville

  51. Going to Australia
  52. Skying in August
  53. Life in Melbourne
  54. New Zealand
  55. Travelling
  56. Back to Paris
  57. Seeing Ed in Chicago
  58. Margaret in France
  59. Marriage
  60. Fluency in English

  61. lessons 61 to 100: study of English texts (classical, from the New Yorker, and others)


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