Course Title : Corporate  Finance (Bachelor 2nd year)
Department : Finance/Control
Code : HFC 201
Semester : 2 Duration : 45 hours
Core course
ECTS credits : 6
Language of instruction : English
Lecturer André Cabannes (
Aims Introduce financial liabilities management.
Present the main concepts and tools in financing firms.
Provide the student with a practical knowledge of how to optimize borrowing and capital structure.


When and how corporations issue securities.

Stocks, bonds, loans, other types of securities, and derivatives.

History of securities performance.

Capital structure. Dividend policy. MM theory.

Leasing, factoring, credit management.

Short term financial assets management.

Bibliography Richard A. Brealey and Stewart C. Myers, Principles of Corporate Finance, McGraw-Hill/Irwin, 7th edition, 2002
Stephen A. Ross, R. W. Westerfield and B. D. Jordan, Fundamentals of Corporate Finance, McGraw-Hill/Irwin, 6th edition, 2002
Teaching methods Lecturer's presentation, discussion, in-class exercises.
Assessment methods Continuous assessment  50%.
Final exam  50%.
Prerequisite Good English Language skills.