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Conversation between roommates
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hp   Werner was sitting at the terrace of a café on Ramona street relaxing after the day's classes.

hp   François came by.

hp   F.: Hello, Werner. May I join you?

hp   W.: Sure. Have a seat. So, what's up?

hp   F.: Nothing much. You never told me why you came to the US.

hp   W.: The third year of the engineering program I'm attending in Hamburg must take place abroad.

hp   W.: I got a scholarship. And I had the chance to be able to go overseas.

hp   W.: What about you ?

hp   F.: One summer during my studies in France, I travelled for leisure to the Far East.

hp   F.: In South-East Asia, I met Australians and I learned three things:

hp   1) My English was very poor.

hp   2) Yet speaking English is a must in life. Not only to get by, but also learning a foreign language you discover a new culture and a much richer world.

hp   3) And I learned that the more you are told your English is good, the less it is indeed.

hp   Werner laughed.

hp   W.: Oh good, I haven't been told so for a while.

hp   F.: I used to enjoy many American songs, without understanding the words.

hp   F.: Now that I understand the lyrics as well, I find them all the more interesting.

hp   W.: Yes, that's right. So do I.

hp   W.: Oh my! It's already six thirty. I'm supposed to meet with Angela.

hp   He got up to leave.

hp   W.: See you, François.

hp   F.: Take care.


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