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San Francisco
by Scott McKenzie


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A tour of San Francisco
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San Francisco

hp   M.: Why don't we go spend the day in San Francisco?, asks Margaret.

hp   She is eager to show her friend the city where she grew up.

hp   F.: That's fine with me, says François.

hp   M.: How shall we go there? There is a bus, but it takes hours.

hp   F.: Can we rent a car?

hp   M.: Oh yes, that's a good idea.

hp   F.: I will love to drive on Highway 280. I was told it's one of the most beautiful highways in the whole country.

hp   San Francisco is located at the northern tip of a peninsula which separates a bay from the Pacific ocean.

hp   After a half hour drive, they arrive in San Francisco.

hp   François wants to park on Union square.

hp   M.: We can't park here.

hp   F.: Why can't we?

hp   M.: We would get a fine. Let's go to an underground parking lot.

hp   Then they take a cable car to go to Fisherman's wharf.

hp   On Ghirardelly square, they buy ice creams.

hp   They spend a few minutes listening to a pianist playing Dixie music on the back of a pick-up truck.

hp   François relishes the ambiance of the city.

hp   In the distance, they admire the majestuous Golden Gate bridge linking San Francisco to Sausalito on the northern side of the bay.

hp   After a few hours of strolling around the city, they return to Palo Alto via Highway 101.


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