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Introduction to finance, with a review of accounting

course taught at Sup de Co Clermont between 2005 and 2009

Teacher: André Cabannes


Review of accounting

1a   introduction, double-entry accounting
1b   rules of accounting
2a   recording transactions, trial balance, adjustments (detailed exercise)
2b   income statement and balance sheet
3a   review of accounting
3b   ratios of performance
4a   cash flow statement
4b   NYSE and Nasdaq
5a   cost accounting
5b   cost models and unit costs

Introduction to finance

6a   investments
6b   random variables, expectation, wheel of chance
7a   distribution of probabilities, variance & standard deviation, simulations
7b   randomness of a security, risk-return graph, systematic risk and specific risk
8a   present value, opportunity cost of capital (modern financial theory: recap of list of steps)
8b   opportunity cost of capital and internal rate of return
  discounted cash flow analysis
10a   portfolios of securities
10b   introduction to CAPM
11a   new bonds
11b   old bonds
12   banks and money
13   student's presentations, Dale Carnegie's advice