English course: grammatical points

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Grammatical points

1. Going to America verbs to be and to go, present tense, personal pronouns subject
2. Finding a place personal pronouns object, adjectives
3. The flat negation of verb to be, possessive pronouns
4. Buying food present progressive
5. Making a cake preterit, regular and irregular verbs
6. An evening with friends present perfect, adverbs, interrogation, negation, future
7. At the bank I would like, comparative of adjectives
8. A tour of San Francisco interro-negative, conditional mood, conjugations of to be and to have
9. At home can, should, shouldn't, rather
10. Tea at Margaret's imperative first person singular, subjunctive be
11. The university until, since, ...used to...
12. Conversation between roommates may, imperative second person, to be able to, so do I
13. Margaret for, since, ago, negative imperative
14. Around campus going to as a future, will as a wish
15. A class omission of relative pronoun that, to have got, will be able to
16. Life in the department interrogative with to have
17. The libraries who, whose, whom, would to express habit
18. At the cafeteria past perfect, subjunctive were
19. Meeting Robert each other, to get to know, uhuh & uh-uh, me too, the wrong...
20. At the language lab verbs with postpositions: where the postposition can be placed

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